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Megamalai - Highlights of activities

The tourist can have a choice of activities in Megamalai and some of the activities are listed here but is not limited to these alone

Megamalai Nature Study

The density and diversity of the natural setting in this mountain gives endless scope for the nature lover and the scientist.

Megamalai Wildlife

Megamalai is a natural habitat and home to myriad varieties of animals and reptiles large and small. The, wild boars, deer, elephants, leopards and tigers are found in large numbers. Other smaller forms of wild life are butterflies, reptiles and all types of insects.



Bird watching in Megamalai

Ornithologists will find a goldmine here and more than a hundred species of birds make this place their home.

bird watching at megamalai

Plantation visit in Megamalai

Visits to the large estates and scientific farming methods will keep the traveler engrossed in the various processes.

Megamalai Boating

Ferry services in the vicinity of the dams will give the visitor a view of the scenic splendor in the surrounding areas.




Megamalai Trekking

Leisurely walks around the artificial lakes or in the mountain slopes provide a healthy view of the panorama of the Megamalai mountain ranges.

Have a happy stay in Megamalai !


megamalai tourist attractions


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